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C3 COB LED Lighting

FB1C3_3Introducing C³ Cool Copper COB our new energy saving performance LED Chip On Board (COB) technology.

Our LED chips are bonded directly to a thick copper substrate for ultra-high thermal connectivity, increased lifespan and improved photometric performance. C³ Cool Copper COB products are backed by a 5-Year warranty.

Features Benefits
COB bonded to Copper Substrate Dissipates heat more effectively than aluminum based substrate COB’s
Cooler LED operating temperature Increased lifespan with minimal lumen depreciation
Starting temperature as low as -20°C Excellent for cold storage facilities
Long Life: up to 50,000 hours Eliminates maintenance versus traditional HID
Excellent color rendition (CRI of 80+) Increases visibility and productivity
Dimmable Drivers standard Allows for daylight harvesting and additional energy savings
4100K and 5000K CCT Choice to match project environmental and efficiency requirements

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