Eco-Revolution is a vertically integrated global manufacturer of energy efficient LED luminaires including LED light engines, cast housings, metal stamping, metal bonding, welding, and injection molding operations. Finished products are built in the U.S.A. in five locations for immediate response to your project needs.

Product engineering is performed in-house and supported with on-site testing including thermal performance, heat management, optical design, photometry, and regulatory compliance. Luminaires are ETL/UL/CSA certified and listed with Design Lights Consortium™ (DLC).

Eco-Revolution ThermaLED  fixtures are designed for quality using our LEDicated engineering process. LED dedicated luminaires are created from the LED as a basis of design. This means that the entire fixture is designed based only on the performance and heat management of the LEDs within it. We are designing entirely new fixtures around the characteristics of LEDs. The process requires new LED-specific die cast housings, aluminum boards with copper tracings for enhanced thermal management, and on-board optics for maximum light output and control. Individual boards are designed and manufactured in-house using fully-automated SMT machines in a clean room environment.

LED boards are designed to fit specific fixture construction. 100% aluminum boards outperform traditional epoxy based or FR-4 boards for heat dissipation and transfer to the die cast housing. Our designs use higher quantities of low- and mid-power LEDs to achieve better lumen output than high-power LEDs while maintaining cooler operating temperatures. The realized cooler operating temperature helps provide an enhanced LED lifespan. This LEDicated process creates a luminaire where the entire fixture including all of its components is a highly efficient heat sink. Read more.

C³ Cool Copper COB is our new energy saving performance LED Chip On Board (COB) technology. Our LED chips are bonded directly to a thick copper substrate for ultra-high thermal connectivity, increased lifespan and improved photometric performance. C³ Cool Copper COB products are backed by a 5-Year warranty. Read More.